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Ray April 2011 issue Part One

Mar. 12th, 2011 | 12:54 pm

I am using a scanned version I got from the Jmagscan comm. I own the issue but it is easier to just do it this way. Sorry about the spacing and uneven pictures, I will get better at it ;_;

Onward! I'm only highlighting parts I thought was interesting and things I could figure out. 

Pg. 32-33 featured Kate Spade items. I love Kate Spade. I liked the "border" items. For some odd reason I've never liked horizontal stripes, until now. And the same for "basket" bags. I looked at Kate Spade's (US) website and the items are on the site too (yay!). The Seersucker Patent Treesh bag, the red and black bags in the upper right corner, are $295. Although the site is only selling the black and yellow versions. Similar items include the Seersucker Lacey (in pink and black) wallet for $195 and Seersucker Mini Lacey (in pink, black, and yellow) for $95.

The basket bags include With a Twist of Lemon Slice for $295 With a Twist of Orange Slice for $245. Those two bags you can see in the middle picture on the bottom. Page 33 includes tropical and colorful items, but none that I really liked.

I liked the feature on ten big items which were: spring knits, antique style lace, oversized shirts, spring trench, chinos, retro gingham, off-the-shoulder tops, border cardigans, one-piece coordinates, and baggy pants. That is my translation. If I got it right, they took those items and showed you different styles and ways to wear them such as boys mix and sweet style. Here are some of my favorite coordinates:

 I like the two coordinates in this one because its a combination of lace with a boys style that makes it look feminine but still practical.

The combination of colors is definitely not matching, but it doesn't clash either, which is something I'm a huge fan of...nothing is more boring than always matching lol.

 I included the entire page of this one to show the different ways that you can wear chino items. Again, it's something I've never really liked but I think it's similar to jeans in that you can wear them with just about anything and create different looks. As of late I've been really big on items that are versatile and practical, especially for my job.

And finally, more border items. Recently, I bought two border tees in black and red from Old Navy for $5 each ^_^. They are very comfy.

I think I definitely want a cardigan with a horizontal stripe on it. I have a lot of solid cardigans and maybe one with a pattern will break that habit.

Border style

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Mar. 11th, 2011 | 08:09 pm

Received my Amazon Japan box and bought an iMac :\. Haha...omg I have no discipline >_<. But anyway, on to magazines. Here is my quick summary of each:
  • Anna Sui e-mook: I like the bag. It's slightly smaller than I thought it would be but still a good size. The e-mook doesn't have a lot of content and is really awkward because the box that the bag was in is actually IN the book. :\
  • Spring: Only glanced through content but I really like the bag. It's pretty big and looks to be good quality for a "freebie"
  • Sweet: Disappointed in the bag (and the small matching pouch). Felt like I got a lunch bag. Smells like a beach ball and echoes. Content is perfect as usual. Even though I only glanced at it haha. I saw the gifts for May issue, and omg..it looks like they may make up for the March issue.
  • Love Rinka book: it's a small book but it's packed with really good content about Rinka. I like it.
  • "Hitori..." magazine. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Loved the content and pictures. It came with a smaller booklet packed with more content and pictures. The gift that came with it was very weak. It's very small (too small to even be a shoulder bag). Might be suitable for holding your makeup in.
  • Steady: Gift which were three pouches were a bit disappointing. Smelled like a beach ball, but I think the pouches will still come in handy. Can't say much about the content yet.
Love my iMac it takes up less space than my laptop lol. And it's suppppperrr quiet. I miss quiet computers ;_; so I really like it. Now all I need is an iPad and I will be set lol.

My iPhone is being replaced because I dropped mine in water. So no pictures. Sorry! I will have some later.

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My Wishlist...to be further updated

Mar. 8th, 2011 | 09:28 pm


Top Priority:
Tramps like us Vol. 2-14 (English, although I'm mildly interested in Japanese versions)
Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Korilakkuma plushies

Medium Priority:
Japanese books with Hinano Yoshikawa or Rinka (I have Rinka's Love Myself)
AKB 48 merchandise (anything books, DVDs, CDs, etc)
Past issues of CanCam, Sweet, and Spring (I have some issues already but not many)
Japanese home interior mags/books

Low priority:
Past Spoon magazine issues (I own October 2010 and October 2009)
Josei manga
Hello Kitty Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma non-plushie items

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more stuff (too lazy to write catchy headlines)

Mar. 7th, 2011 | 10:31 pm

So...a review or summary of Ray April issue will be done in about 5 days. Why is it taking me so long? Not because of my job or other responsibilities. It's because I'm actually trying to read it and I'm sooooo slooooowww lol. Plus my Japanese is poor but not so poor that everything looks foreign. I've been able to make out a lot of things. I'm so proud of myself! I average about 30 pages a day (4 more days of reading >_< it's taking me six days in total lol since I started yesterday). I will have pictures, but I'm just going to download a scanned copy and crop the pictures I want. It's so much easier than taking pictures with my iphone and wondering why the pictures are going off in crazy directions.

Here is what I plan on going through:
Ray April 2011
CanCam April 2011
AneCan April 2011
Anna Sui e-mook
Steady March 2011
Spring April 2011
Love Myself (with Rinka)
ひとり暮らしとことん。。。。something something lol

Although Ray is up first the list is actually in no particular order. I will probably take pictures of all of my goodies ^_^.

I'm already gathering my next batch ^_^ which will definitely include:
Ray May 2011
CanCam May 2011
AneCan May 2011

And probably include (so far):
Steady May 2011
Sweet April 2011
Popsister April 2011 (if I can get my hands on it >_>)
Look!S April 2011

I like mooks and was looking at Mercury Duo and Snidel (I like Mercury Duo's freebie better, so if I can't decide that will be the tie breaker). I do need to cut back though because I wanted to buy AKB48 items (like CDs). Or buy clothes. haha.

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(no subject)

Mar. 6th, 2011 | 12:35 pm
location: US, Georgia, Columbus, Muscogee

I've decided on two more magazines:

Popsister April and look!s April (and maybe march)

I need to start reviewing the mags I get instead of just talking about them. So I will work on that for my next post. In the mean time here are some coordinates from the latest issue of ray.

I am doing this from my iPhone and have no idea why the pictures are coming put in the wrong direction.

These I really like.

A Coach bag.

Looks super comfy.

Haha I will fix the pictures when I figure out how. So weird.

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Addiction part 2

Mar. 5th, 2011 | 08:42 pm

I made my first purchase from Amazon Japan. It was torture trying to make up my mind lol. Here is what I got:

Anna Sui 15th Happy Anniversary in Japan
Love myself 梨花
sweet (スウィート) 2011年 03月号 [雑誌]
ひとり暮らしをとことん楽しむ ! 2011年 03月号 [雑誌]
Steady. (ステディ) 2011年 03月号 [雑誌]
spring (スプリング) 2011年 04月号 [雑誌]

I got the Anna Sui e-mook because the bag is delicious and after seeing some items in Sweet magazine, I'm definitely interested in the brand. The other ones have interesting freebies, but I actually get the mags to look at them! I have one interior magazine book, because I love them and this one is good for people who live alone. It also gives tips for independent living. I got a book, Love Myself, which is all about the model Rinka. I was going to get the recent one that came out with Hinano Yoshikawa but chose this one instead. I have started a list of books, emooks, and mags to buy. On my list for next time:

Sweet April 2011
Non-no April 2011 (I usually don't look at this mag, but I like the content and the freebie, and the cover is really cute but it sold out quickly on Amazon jp)

Only two but it's bound to grow. I already receive three magazines (have I mentioned this??) from Fujisan: Ray, CanCam, and AneCan. I will probably cancel my AneCan subscription.

After USPS banged up my package and cause me to lose several magazines I had bought, I'm a bit wary and anxious.

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Feb. 26th, 2011 | 12:51 pm

I have an addiction to Japanese magazines >_<. Not that I mind, bc I am not going into debt buying them haha. I always think "is my money better spent elsewhere?" and I can't really think of anything else. I mean I am paying all my bills, saving, and paying off debt. So the money I use for magazines comes out of what is left.Right now I'm subscribed through Fujisan for Ray, CanCam and AneCan...and I'm seriously tempted to add Sweet to my subscriptions and then later on Vivi. So much for my goal of being a minimalist with stuff bc I am becoming a collector! I don't really buy anything...mostly magazines, books and makeup every now and then, but I have to get ready for spring :\ which means I need to go clothes shopping but I decided to be cheap this season and buy from places like Wet Seal and Payless because they have cute stuff. I love F21 graphic tees and wear them a lot. They serve a practical purpose too: I can wear them to work.

Since my work wardrobe has gone from dressed up to dressed down, I still want to look cute and stylish but skirts aren't always practical ;_;. So for work it will primarily consist of graphic tees, cardigans or sweaters, and pants or appropriate-length shorts. Shoes will be casual flats that I can run around in (unless going through the woods which isn't uncommon, soooo tennis shoes in case haha). For dressier days (those happen too sometimes), definitely pencil skirts. If my car weren't so easy to break into I'd keep a mini-wardrobe in the trunk for days when I'm unsure of what to expect. The life of a reporter....

Weekends will definitely be for skirts and dresses to make up for the lack of being able to wear them during the week. I will forever be a girly girl at heart so my work flats will have bows on them ^_^.

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Feb. 26th, 2011 | 07:24 am
location: US, Georgia, Columbus, Muscogee

I'm typing using my iPhone. Pretty nifty stuff.

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Updated 2011 Goals

Jan. 12th, 2011 | 06:57 am

In order of priority:
1. Career: Improve journalism skills. Improve design skills. Learn to work efficiently and productively (I need some GTD!). Ask for a raise!!
Action plan: read books on journalism; constantly look for new ways to improve productivity, skills, and efficiency.

2. Finance: Cut down and eliminate debt. Save at least $2000 (conservative estimate!). Invest at least $500. Work on frugality/minimalist/spender percentages.Move out on my own.
Action plan: pay off one credit card at a time; set aside $150-200 monthly; work on budgeting for both large and small purchases (as well as minimizing what I spend...be a quality faux-minimalist ^_^).

3. Health/Beauty: Get back on medication; get 8-9 hours of sleep every night (at least on weekdays); grow hair longer than APL; clear skin
Action plan: Do activities that destress after work such as listening to soothing music or reading; stick with a skincare routine that works; be in bed by 9pm; improve diet

4. Writing: Finish manuscript for novel.
Action plan: set aside chunks on the weekend to focus on writing

5. Language: Know a minimum of grade one and two kanji and vocabulary; increase vocabulary and grammar through Jpod; Get to intermediate Korean
Action plan: Study during work breaks or at lunch, or while sitting in traffic; make CDs of audio lessons to use in the car;

6. Other: Buy a Kate Spade handbag. Buy new electronics: Apple Ipod touch, new laptop, and cell phone with a really good camera; get rid of 90% of books owned; develop shopping system for makeup/clothing so that you are only shopping two times a year (fall and spring)
Action plan: read style books, research electronics while saving (have a budget), have a budget for clothing/makeup shopping; use afternoon weekdays to read books

This also means I need to update my rewards and January goals (this will be updated as I think of stuff):

Career: Cut down mistakes on layout pages to below 5. Cut down mistakes on articles to below 3: put $150 in secondary savings

Finance: Save $200 more dollars. Pay all bills on time: Move $200 to secondary savings

Writing: If I have 10,000 words rewritten/completed this month related to my novel: A light. A light for either my kindle or one that I can stick on my bed's headboard or something so I don't have to always reach for the light!

Health/Beauty: be in bed by 9pm on weekdays. develop a skincare routine that works: Replace any needed products

Language:   Complete level 1 kanji; get through half of Beginning season 1 of Korean class and first 12 lessons of Japanesepod : Rilakkuma Plush or 2

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(no subject)

Jan. 12th, 2011 | 06:30 am

 This week is going to be another bad week. Bad and very long days at work means I'm in bed by 9pm. I got off work at 5:30 yesterday (so worked 10 hours straight ;_;) and knew the only way to get my energy back is to go to sleep early so altho I got 8 hours of sleep I felt like crap. Weird. But I'm surviving...sorta >_>. 

Although my boss was like, "zomg you need to slow down." I can't slow down...I have three articles I have to write.

Soooo obviously my work life is sapping my home life and at the moment I can't handle even two goals it seems. However, I have a few ideas on how to do less and have more time...let's hope it works.

The first thing is that my busiest days are Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Friday because I'm trying to finish up everything that day so I don't have to think about anything over the weekend. Monday is up or down depending on what I have going on. But Tuesday is the longest day, most stressful day. Since I can pretty much set my own hours I decided there are some days where I don't mind working over 8 hours if it means working less on another day. 

On Tuesdays I can plan to be at work from 7:30 am to 5:30pm. I'd prefer not to use my Fridays and work longer. So I have it like this...and obviously, times are subject to change because my assignments change week to week.

Monday 7:30-3:30 pm 8 hours
Tuesday 7:30-5:30 pm 10 hours
Wednesday 7:30-5:30 pm 10 hours
Thursday 7:30-3:30pm 8 hours
Friday 7:30- 11:30am 4 hours

So I have it planned like this so that I force myself to have everything done before Friday (Friday is a weekend day to me and a bad way to start the weekend by having a stressful day). 

When I get home I don't even want to think about work. Instead I want to relax, which means that most goals that require some work effort (like say writing or language studying) probably won't get done unfortunately :\. My brain just doesn't function that way as much as I love both and I'm not going to force myself. I think I can push writing to the weekends, but language learning is a bit trickier. Even trickier is that I have those subscriptions to Koreanclass and Japanesepod that I do NOT want to go to waste. So I have to figure out something. 

In my second post today, I will show an updated 2011 goals list.

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